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I started this site to voice your Cablevision complaints and issues. You let me know and I'll post them. This is a work in progress so be patient. Being 2012 you can send  us your information to be posted by email or telephone. 

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The Death Of Cablevision And Cable? Not Yet  That Sucks

I wound up watching a 15 minute video from The Motley Fool (fool.com) on the impending death


Could Cablevisions Q3 Loss Be From Cablevisions Direct Sales Department

Cablevision lost $3.8 million, or 1 cent per share, in the July to September third quarter period and this sucked for shareholders.


Cablevision Compensation a Gulfstream V N501CV. A Corporate Jet For Cablevision Employees

Cablevision Jet N501CV Gulfstream V

 Don't Forget the 

Cablevision Gulfstream IV-SP N100DF

Cablevision Jet N100DF Gulfstream IV-SP 


Cessna 501 N501JG 


This jet was under management for at least two years ending 7/31/12.

N501JG video - work in progress

Story to follow

N501CV Photo www.amiaga.com

N100DF Click for photo credit

N501JG Photo credit Joe C.

When The Cablevision Technician Doesn't Show It Sucks

So after loosing Cablevision service on a Monday evening the call center gave me a Thursday 11-2 service appointment.


Cablevision Sucks Public Service Announcement For Complaints PSA

If your having Cablevision tv, internet or telephone issues you will learn two things from this video after watching it.


Cablevision Sucks Speeding Tech Video

 On 10/21/12 I was driving on 87w and a Cablevision truck passed me. I caught up and


Cablevision Sucks But Not Their Direct Sales Compensation Plan

Work in progress

 The Cablevision "Compensation Plan" so many issues I believe are created with this one item. When your paying sales people up to over $800 


Cablevision's Morris Direct Sales Team - Not!

So I was at a Starbucks recently and overheard that Cablevision closed the Morris County, NJ direct sales office. Not enough sales and a $500,000.00 


Cablevision vs FOX CT & 5NY

I live in Orange, CT. I have been a customer of Cablevision for almost 20 years now. I am ready to switch


Cablevisions Discounts

So in mid February four plus articles were on Cablevision cut rate discounts because of subsciber losses and competition from


Blog Right

Cablevision Sued For $250 million Sucks For Everyone But The Lawyer

I am the last person to jump on the Cablevision bandwagon but Read more...

Email To Cablevision Investor Relations

After writing could Cablevisions 3Q 2012 Loss Be From Cablevisions Direct Sales Department  Read more...

Cablevision & Possible Optimum West Sale Could Suck

Cablevision Sucks LogoCablevision announced on 11/06/12 during their earnings call that  they are  Read more...

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